September 26, 2008

Kids Cooking *Breakfast in Bed*

This is the first in a series of posts done completely by my 10 year old son. He's got a huge interest in cooking and is becoming quite the little food enthusiast. Everything you see in these posts have been conceptualized and created by him... the recipe, the text, and the photography. I've tried to be only minimally involved, allowing him to use my kitchen blog as the stage for his creativity. -KG

Hi! My name is Vaughn and I'm 10 years old. I've been asking my mom if I could do a post on her cooking blog for a while now. I was so excited when she told me that I could come up with an idea and post about it. This is what I made.

This is my "Breakfast in bed" meal. I am the oldest of the kids in our house and sometimes my mom lets me stay up really late with her on a weekend night. It's our time to do something special together when my sister and brother are in bed. Mom got a movie for us to watch and we ate dinner together in her big feather bed while we watched the movie. We watched "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium." It was fantastic! We had breakfast in bed, for dinner. Mom and I shared this plate. It was enough to eat for two people.

We got a croissant and I cut it in half and toasted it in the toaster. Be careful if you do this because it can get burnt if you don't watch it. Take it out as soon as you can smell it toasting. It will be a little crunchy and that it good. I laid that out on a plate and then fried 3 eggs in a little butter on the stove in a skillet. I even flipped them myself and only one of them broke. The eggs go on top of the toasted croissant. The runny yellow part of the egg on the crunchy croissant is really good. I like a lot of pepper on eggs.

Mom had made some roasted potatoes for dinner the night before and I used the leftovers for breakfast in bed for dinner. I put them into a skillet with a little olive oil and reheated them and browned them a little more. A little salt and pepper on those and put them on the plate next to the eggs.

Lastly I made some microwave bacon. I know it's not as good at the real bacon but my mom was worried about me frying bacon with all the splattering grease. This was ok instead. Next time though I think I will get sausage links. Maybe she'd let me cook those.

It was great and I had a lot of fun making it. We had a wonderful night. Thanks for reading my blog post!

I took this picture.. I wanted one with him holding his creation :)- KG


  1. Vaughn, You did an awesome job cooking and writing up the post! It sounds like you and your Mom had a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing more about your kitchen adventures!

  2. Congratulations on your first post Vaughn! You did a great job and the meal looks delicious.

  3. That is too cute!! No, not cute, but GREAT! A great job. I have a 23 year old at college with a wife and they call me everyday and ask me what they should cook. So, you go Vaughn!!

    PS tell your mom that I'm going to download the picasa program and thanks for the info.

  4. That looks really good. You're making me hungry for breakfast and it's 7:30 at night!

  5. Way to Go Vaughn!!! Great to see youngsters who love to cook! I am going to stumble this.


  6. Obviously he did not study my blog. Way to go, big guy.

  7. What a great breakfast Vaughn. My niece and nephew are 9 and 11 and they are both starting to learn to cook as well. If you have any good ideas, share them with us. You did good! Wish I would have been there to share that yummy food. I like my eggs the same way. Have a wonderful day. :)

  8. Wow, you've got one 'Chef in the Making'. How lucky! Well done Vaughn!

  9. Will you marry me, Vaughn?
    Oh, pleeze?
    Wait. I've already got a husband, and I have no idea if you want to marry.
    Will you start a restaurant with me?
    Listen, dear Vaughn. I am So Impressed that you know when to pull the food if it SMELLS right.
    Yay, you.

  10. I love that you linked to me...I will do the same and link to you! Love your blog!

  11. Is Vaughn available to come over and give cooking lessons to my 19-year-old daughter?

    As a former teacher, I can't resist grading your post:

    Menu: A
    Presentation: A
    Writing: A
    Photography: A

    Memorable mother-son experience: Priceless

  12. That looks delicious and much better than the breakfast in beds that I made for my mom.

  13. oh this is adorable! You have your own guest blogger :)

    What a great idea!

  14. Vaughn,

    You did an awesome job, and I hope that I can pass off my love of the kitchen to my son as well. No worries, you only broke one yolk, and that brought a smile to my face.

    Now, pay attention to what your mother tells you in the kitchen, and it will pay off for you. You will never go hungry, that is for sure.

  15. I would like that to be served by my bed too! :D

  16. Miss Reeni,
    Thank you. We had a lot of fun.

    Miss Maggie,
    Thank you. It was pretty good. Next time will be better.

    Miss Debbie,
    Thank you. I gave my mom the message.

    Miss Tomato Lady,
    Thank you. I hope you had some dinner and that is was good.

    Miss or Mister Zesty Cook,
    Thank you. I love to cook.

    Miss Altadenahiker,
    Thank you. It was fun.

    Miss Michelle,
    Thank you. If I have any new ideas, I will let you know. I hope you have a good day too.

    Miss Mamafami,
    Thank you. I'd love to be a chef when I get older. That and a scientist. And a video game creator.

    Miss Cookiecrumb,
    Thank you. I don't think my mom will let me get married yet. But I would open a restaurant with you. We could have fun.

    Miss Meg,
    Thank you. I'll let my mom know what you said.

    Miss Susan C,
    Thank you. I would like to give her lessons and thank you for the straight A's!

    Mr. Red Icculus,
    Thank you. I bet your mom liked yours too.

    Miss Olga,
    Thank you. I like being a guest blogger.

    Mr. Jason Sandeman,
    Thank you. I will pay attention to my mom in the kitchen. She's the best cook ever.

    Miss Tigerfish,
    Thank you. I wish I could give you some.

  17. Vaughn, are you sure you're 10 and not 18? *wink* I love the idea of breakfast in bed for dinner. Sounds like fun and I too love Mr magorium's wonder emporium.

  18. This is a great post! You sound like a budding food blogger! :)

  19. sounds like we have a lot in common. my son (5 years old) is also showing interest. we are doing more baking together. he does cooking with his dad. i don't feel comfortable letting him near fire yet. check out his Chocolate-banana cookies :

  20. This is great! I have a ten year old also and she really likes to be independent. Great breakfast for dinner.

  21. Hey Vaughn! You did a great job! And wow, that looks really, really good! Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things. Keep up the good work!

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  22. Miss Farina,
    Thank you. I'm really 10, born in 1998. The movie was really good.

    Miss Jenn,
    Thank you. I have my own blog too. About video games.

    Miss World Flavors,
    Thank you. Your son's cookies look good.

    Miss Lisa,
    Thank you. I think all the kids should start our own food blog.

    Miss Mouse,
    Thank you. I will keep working hard. I love breakfast food.

  23. Vaughn, what a great menu! It sounds like you and your mom had a very special evening!

  24. Nice work, Vaughn. I think you and my 10 year old, Liam, would get along swimmingly. He likes to play 'Iron Chef' with his buddies.

  25. This looks like a very hearty meal, my favorite kind :).

    Thanks for joining the Key Ingredient blogroll :)!

  26. Miss Pumpkin,
    Thank you. We had a great time.

    Miss Rebecca,
    I would love to meet your son. We could cook together. Thank you.

  27. Just spent some time reading some back posts, and I came across this one. Vaughn, you did an excellent job with writing up your first blog post! I can see the talent and the passion for cooking and for writing about food runs in the family! Good luck with your future culinary adventures!

  28. Miss Michelle,
    Thank you. I have another post coming up soon. Please watch for it.


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