November 16, 2008

Tipsy Egg Nog

I make this egg nog every year for the holidays. It's not kid friendly for sure with all the liquor and the raw eggs but it is simple to prepare and always seems to get rave reviews when I bring it to parties. Thick, rich and delicious... the Grand Marnier adds a fairly subtle but really wonderful and unique orange flavor.

* 6 eggs, separated
* 1 cup sugar
* 1 cup Grand Marnier
* 1/2 cup rum
* 1/2 cup brandy
* 1 1/2 quarts whole milk
* 3 cups whipping cream
* Nutmeg

Beat egg yolks until thick. Beat in sugar, and then Grand Marnier, rum and brandy. Chill for about an hour. Add milk while stirring. In another bowl, beat whipping cream until thick then set aside. Beat egg whites until stiff but not too dry. Fold egg whites and whipping cream into egg mixture. Let egg nog chill overnight. Grate fresh nutmeg over the top of each mug right before serving.


  1. I love the tartan styling! Looks fantastic, rich, filling and alcoholic! Need we ask for more!


  2. Tom... thank you so much! :)

  3. Mmm... sounds delicious! Have you ever tried making it with a pasturized egg substitute like Egg Beaters? I take medications that supress my immune system (I have an autoimmune disorder), so I can't eat raw eggs - but Egg Beaters often work. Just wondering if this is one of those recipes that they wouldn't work in. Please let me know if you've tried.

  4. One of my favorite things for the holidays, yours looks really wonderful!

  5. Wow, that does sound boozy and utterly delicious :P

  6. Iv only had this once at my in laws a few years ago. Can I come over for Xmas? lol.

  7. You are in right frame of mind!! starting the Holidays early with your rich and creamy eggnog LOL! and very beautifully presented!

  8. I've never had eggnog before. Now I know how to make it, maybe I might just give it a try!

  9. Grand Marnier? Brandy? Rum? Whole cream? Talk about decadence in a glass. I've never made homemade eggnog, but I think this is a good place to start!

  10. Oh my goodness. I'd like some of this right about now, please. Yum!

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  11. I have never had egg nog made from scratch. I hope the recipe can be doubled (as far as the rum and brandy go!)


  12. My girlfriend loves eggnog, but I don't know if I could convince her to drink this, what with the raw eggs. But I will try. ;)

  13. Sounds delicious and looks gorgeous!

  14. Beautiful cup of sumthin' yummy! Wish I could have one, right now!

  15. I'm thinking that eggnog for Thanksgiving might need to be the new tradition - this looks excellent. I don't know too much about brandy - is there any particular kind that you use?

  16. YES please! WOW! That will make the holidays go down easy :)

  17. YUM! Sounds delicious.

  18. Total yum! This puts me in the mood for the holidays!

    I was just thinking today about holiday recipes and wondering whether to post some early so people can actually make them in time for the holidays. Good idea.

  19. Sounds like you are in an early Christmas mood already. Looks delicious.

  20. I don't think I've had a version with Grand Marnier before. It sounds great! I'm ready for a glass of this and torturing my husband with Christmas music!

  21. Oh yum. Wish I could have some!

  22. That's my kind of egg nog! Looks great!

  23. Yum, we love eggnog. Have never made, there is a first time for everything - cannot wait to try it out!

  24. I'm guiltily thinking of the quart I purchased in a moment of weakness a couple of days ago. I've never made my own, but know this would be the rave at Thanksgiving. Sounds decadent w/ that Gran Marnier...

  25. I made eggnog ice cream recently, I'll have to make the real stuff next! This looks great!

  26. I've always wanted to try this but have been too scared because of the raw eggs!

  27. Mmmmm. Thanks for the reminder. I absolutely love eggnog!

  28. valleywriter.... I have not tried it with egg beaters but I can get you a cooked egg nog recipe that would be safe... all you'd need to do is add the 3 liquors to it to make it similar to this one. Let me know if you're interested :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Reeni... Thank you hon :)

    Holler... Thanks! It is rather "grown up" but really good :)

    Farina... come on over! I'd love to have you *hug*

    Nazarina A... Thank you so much :)

    Foong... please do, it's so delicious :) Thank you for stopping in!

    Susan C... Very decadent, but one needs to splurge a bit round the holidays, don't you think? :) Thanks!

    Jessie... Come on over! I'll make a huge batch, you bring some ribs and we'll have a par-tay! Thanks :)

    Red Icculus... Oh yeah baby.. you know it :) Double or triple to your hearts content! Thanks Red!

    Bob... I do have another recipe for cooked egg nog that could be made with the same liquors. Let me know if you want the recipe :) Thanks!

    HoneyB... Thanks :)

    shavedicesundays.... thank you so much :)

    thehungryengineer... I tend to use cognac... and usually Rémy Martin. But honestly... any decent brandy will work, it doesn't need to be uber expensive since there is other liquor and strong flavors. I just have a penchant for Rémy Martin. Thanks!

    Emily @ :) thank you. Nice to meet you!

    Anonymous... Thank you so much! :)

    Laurie... it did me too! I am all ready now :) Thank you!

    Jo... I am! I love Christmas :) Thanks for stopping!

    Maggie... It's different and really good! I hope you'll try it :) Thanks!

    Kristen... I wish I could have you over for some! Thanks! :)

    Half Baked... Nice to meet you... thanks so much :)

    chezus... crazy simple and so much better than the stuff you can buy :) Thank you for coming by :)

    kellypea... No guilt! I've done it myself when the craving stuck. The Grand Marnier adds so much :)

    Brilynn... ooo! egg nog ice cream sounds wonderful! :) Thanks for coming!

    Joie de vivre... it's no so bad, but if you are really concerned about that, I can post a recipe with cooked egg nog. Let me know :) Thanks!

    RecipeGirl... :) thank you!

  29. Yum! I've never made fresh eggnog before.

  30. Lisa... it's really yummy :) You should try it sometime!

  31. I've made many a batch of homemade eggnog and there is no commercial product that comes close to the real thing!
    I love the choice of liquors that you have put into yours, which I haven't tried.
    I know the raw egg sounds scary, but I've never had a problem in over 30 years. I wonder if the alcohol cooks the eggs and renders them safe. Just a thought.

  32. Anonymous... it's possible the alcohol does something... good thought! :) thanks for coming by and commenting.. nice to meet you!

  33. That looks so yummy! It looks like the perfect consistency too :)! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  34. Sophie... had a great T'day... I hope you did too, thanks for stopping by :)


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