January 10, 2009

Trail Mix For Kids

My 3 little ones all love trail mix and they adore being able to mix it up themselves. We make a large quantity of this once a month and every time we make it I let each child pick what ingredient they want to add to the "Master Recipe." It keeps it interesting this way, as every month the mix is a little bit different. They never seem to get tired of it and it's something actually good for them. Keep it in a air tight container and it keeps for weeks. The perfect mix of salty, sweet, chewy and crunchy! How could a snack get any better? Another thing about this snack that I love... it travels well. Add a couple of handfuls to a snack sized zip top bag and the kids have a snack to go. No mess and satisfying.

*Master Recipe*
Sunflower Kernels
Yogurt Drops
Banana Chips

The amounts of each ingredient are up to you and what your family likes. Most often I simply buy a medium sized package of whatever we're using and mix it all together in a large plastic ice cream bucket.

In this batch I left out the banana chips as the kids didn't feel like having them this time. Usually I do add dried fruit such as pineapple, cranberry or even chopped dried apricot. The kids chose peanut butter chips, pretzel goldfish and chocolate yogurt covered dried blueberries as their additions this time. The variations are endless! Try it with your kids (even Mom and Dad like it) and see how much they enjoy it!


  1. What a great idea!!! I am trying this next week when I go grocery shopping!

  2. Oh yah...your kids are absolutely adorable!!! Did I know it was 3 boys????

  3. Nice, I love trail mix. I haven't had it in forever though, thanks for reminding me of it! :)

  4. Good idea! Sounds yummy and so simple, why did I never think of it?

  5. I am now chewing on this idea and I have made a list! I love lists. What salty things could you put in? They don't ruin the other flavours so they? Is there anything to be avoided at all costs? Hey, I am really into this idea! I wonder if plain popcorn would work?

  6. Holler... for salty we've used the pretzels and peanuts, the sunflower kernels are salty too. Unbuttered, air popped popcorn also works. I was a little worried about the peanut butter chips... thinking they might permeate the whole mix, but so far (1 week after making) it hasn't. I was also worried about banana chips for the same reason but it was fine too.

    I would stay away from anything garlicky or flavored with onion. I had a friend of mine make this with some of those seasoned rye crisps like you find in Chex mix and that totally overpowered it, of course. But I think any nut or seed, dried fruit and plain pretzel or cracker would be fine. I wouldn't use the flavored "Goldfish" crackers, but oyster crackers, mini graham crackers or even plain bagel chip pieces should be fine. Mini M&M's are a nice addition also.

    I hope that helps :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Judy... thank you! I have 2 boys and 1 girl... though with the super short haircut she just got, I can see why you might thin she was a boy :) It's not a great pic of them... it was early this morning under the florescent light in the office and they were being such hams! Kids!

    Bob... trail mix is sooo yummy! Thanks for coming by :)

  8. Perfect snack for my daughter and her multiple playdates! Thanks for the great idea!

  9. This looks great, I'm always searching for healthy snacks!

  10. Three little cuties! I bet they have fun making this, great idea to have them pick out an ingredient.

  11. So smart to have something with some nutritional value on hand. And I love that your cuties help you pick the mix.

  12. Thanks for that Jo! I was stopping by this morning with the hope that you might have answered. I am off out today to buy some ingredients.

  13. Forget the kids - I'll make these for myself (greedy adult)! Love those faux-hawks! 8-)

  14. I love the picture. They are adorable. I miss having kids at home. (except the one that is back home "transitioning" LOL ) mine are all grown up now.
    Perfect snack!!

  15. 3 boys! A blessing and I would be so tired chasing after them(they look so angelic). But you keep them well feed with good snacks I see.Love those yougurt drops.

  16. 5 Star Foodie... thank you! I hope she enjoys it :)

    Sara... It really is good, I enjoy munching on it myself :) Thanks!

    The Food Hunter... thank you so much :)

    Christine aka Mistress of Cakes ... LOL! The adults do love it too... thank you for coming by!

    ♥Reeni ... they do love making it. And thank you so much *hug*

    Susan C... thanks! They love it and love making it! Kids in the kitchen is a great thing, I think :)

    Holler... wonderful! I hope you love it as much as we do! *hug*

    Tangled Noodle... thank you! It's a great snack for adults too... perfect mix of all flavors :) nice to "meet" you!

    Debbie... Thank you! Transitioning... yes, I understand. I hope things are going well :) *hug*

    glamah... yeah they keep me busy! :) Thank you so much for stopping by! *hug*

  17. I appreciate the potential of trail mix to replace so many unhealthy, salt-laden, (don't get me started, please) junk food to which kids are constantly exposed by the criminal (in my opinion) corporations in this country.

    Let us just hope that more people like you will blog about healthy alternatives.

    DocChuck and wife, Dr. E.

  18. Great picture of your boys! I have to get Alex to mix up some trail mix, then maybe he'll eat it.

  19. What a great, simple snack! I'm not outdoorsy, but my favorite moment of hiking was getting the trail mix--a blend of unsalted peanuts, Kix cereal, raisins, and chocolate chips.

  20. Forget the mix, what cute kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Love this idea! Even better that the kids get to decide what to put into the mix. Great way to get them thinking about food!

  22. I love trail mix, it is the perfect snack. Cute kids!

  23. What a great idea and it looks as if your boys do enjoy doing this.

  24. Love the pic of the boys and the trail mix looks AWESOME!

  25. Darling little cuties :)

    My kiddo would be thrilled if I let him create his own trail mix. M&M's might have to go in there too!

  26. What sweet kiddos!
    I love how you do this monthly and let the kids choose the ingredients. Great idea!

  27. I wish I had some of that right now, yum!

  28. perfect...i don't know why on earth we don't make these more often ourselves. thanks for the inspiration!

  29. My husband is right of course, about getting children started on healthy snacks. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way on that one.

    I make up a special blend of trail mix for Chuck (I am a Medical Doctor), as his aging digestive system is not what it used to be. He can't tolerate a lot of roughage in his diet. I use Cheerios, raisins, chopped up pretzel sticks and butterscotch chips. I have never heard of yogurt drops. Sounds like a great addition.


  30. DocChuck... thank you! I try to keep healthy snacks on hand at all times for my kids. It's the best for them :)

    Maggie... Thank you! I hope Alex likes it :)

    annie... Cereal is another great addition! Thank you :)

    Olga... thanks hon :) *hug*

    Lo ... Thank you so much! They love this mix!

    Maria.... thanks! :)

    Jo... they love it and thank you!

    imadedinner... Thanks so much :)

    RecipeGirl... M&M's are a great addition! Thank you Lori :)

    Kristen... They love it so much... and it's good for them! :) Thanks!

    Gina... Mix up some for yourself... it's great for us grown ups too! Thank you!

    Cate... :) hope you enjoy! Thank you :)

    MrsDocChuck... It's a great thing to snack on and cereal is another wonderful thing to add :) Thank you!

  31. that's such a good idea! letting them mix it themselves would be a great way to keep them busy :-)


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