The Adventures of Kitchen Girl

January 10, 2009

Trail Mix For Kids

My 3 little ones all love trail mix and they adore being able to mix it up themselves. We make a large quantity of this once a month and every time we make it I let each child pick what ingredient they want to add to the "Master Recipe." It keeps it interesting this way, as every month the mix is a little bit different. They never seem to get tired of it and it's something actually good for them. Keep it in a air tight container and it keeps for weeks. The perfect mix of salty, sweet, chewy and crunchy! How could a snack get any better? Another thing about this snack that I love... it travels well. Add a couple of handfuls to a snack sized zip top bag and the kids have a snack to go. No mess and satisfying.

*Master Recipe*
Sunflower Kernels
Yogurt Drops
Banana Chips

The amounts of each ingredient are up to you and what your family likes. Most often I simply buy a medium sized package of whatever we're using and mix it all together in a large plastic ice cream bucket.

In this batch I left out the banana chips as the kids didn't feel like having them this time. Usually I do add dried fruit such as pineapple, cranberry or even chopped dried apricot. The kids chose peanut butter chips, pretzel goldfish and chocolate yogurt covered dried blueberries as their additions this time. The variations are endless! Try it with your kids (even Mom and Dad like it) and see how much they enjoy it!