April 27, 2009

No Food 4 You

Over this past weekend I took the “No Food 4 You” challenge. I’d heard about this wonderful campaign to help raise awareness for childhood hunger through my amazing friend Judy at No Fear Entertaining. The challenge entailed having our last meal at noon on Friday and then trying to go without eating again until breakfast on Monday morning. The reason? Far too many children eat the majority of their meals at school and when school isn’t in session these children are left to fend for themselves. Often times this means a weekend without food for them. Can you imagine?

Judy and I both made it through the weekend without eating, but I tell you it was really difficult. The first day wasn’t so terrible, but as the hours stretched on it got to be downright torture and I am an adult! I would think it would be a million times harder for a child to go through this. And what happens to these children during the summer when there is no school and no lunch and breakfast programs running? Scary thought, isn’t it?

Many of us are blessed with enough. Enough for all our basic needs and enough to have a bit extra. I hope you will consider donating some of your “extra” to fight childhood hunger. You can donate to your local food bank or soup kitchen or to the group that I participated with this weekend.

Donate to CCMI (The group I worked with) here: http://www.ccmileecounty.com/schoolbackpackprogram.html

Or Nationally here: http://www.strength.org/


  1. Followed both you & Judy through the weekend...WELL DONE INDEED!

  2. You guys are AWESOME! What a great event and cause.

  3. A great post Jo, about an important issue. The kids in our church do a weekend fast each year to raise money for hunger programs - it's an eye-opener to go that long with now food! Thanks for the reminder - I am going to donate a little extra this month to the Food Pantry I help manage :)

  4. Wow, a whole weekend! That's incredible! Great cause!

  5. Well Jo, we did it! I am so proud of you for hanging in there. It was so hard. Right of there with some of the most challenging things I've ever done. Near the end the only thing that kept me from eating was thinking about the kids ( and a bit of Gatorade!). It was an honor and privilege to have you by my side doing this! You're truly an awesome person!!!

  6. Wow what a fantastic Idea... maybe I'll try that next weekend.

  7. Wow Jo! You didn't eat the whole weekend? And I thought fasting was challenging enough for me. Bravo!

  8. Deeba @Passionate About Baking ... thank you so much. I learned a lot :)

    Maria... thanks :) It was an eyeopening experience. I am so glad I did it.

    Donalyn... thank you! Together we can beat this thing! :)

    5 Star Foodie .... Thanks! Honestly, it was nothing compared to what those dear children have to endure each weekend.

    Judy@nofearentertaining... Judy, I am so so glad you told me about this challenge... I learned so much doing it and I am totally pumped now to fight hunger in any way I can. Thank you!

    Allyson... thanks :) The best thing you can do is help the cause. If you can spare some money, please donate!

    Lisa... thank you so much. It was a challenging weekend, but so worth it!

    Salt N Turmeric... Thank you Farina.. it was something that taught me so much and I would do it again in a heartbeat!


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