January 20, 2013

365 Day Photography Challenge ~Week One~

For the last several years I've tried to participate in these daily photo challenges... sometimes they have themes/colors/subjects to follow, sometimes it's just portraying a "day in the life" of yourself each day for an entire year. I always start out strong and then a few weeks in, life gets busy and I get behind and then feel overwhelmed and finally I end up giving up all together. Despite that, I'm going to try to follow one again... but this one is a bit different than the ones I've participated with in the past. Each week there will be a theme posted and the challenge is to take a photo each day that interprets the theme. I love that the talented woman that's started the challenge is taking a casual approach to the project.... if you want to play along everyday, once a week or even just when you can and feel like it... it's all good!

Many of you reading this are my fellow food bloggers and I'd be willing to bet you all know Mayre from Restless Chipotle. Her daughter Erynn is the creative force behind this unique challenge! How neat is that? If you haven't met Marye and her delicious blog... you definitely need to take a visit to her site. I promise you'll leave there with a list of amazing recipes and feel totally inspired to get into the kitchen immediately. http://www.restlesschipotle.com/

Erynn is a professional photographer and really gifted. I love looking at her work. Really beautiful, creative and unique stuff. If you'd like to participate in this challenge along with me, you can find out more info here:  Erynne Nicole Photgraphy @ Facebook or on her website here: 365 Day Photography Challenge.

This week's theme is "Warmth"

My daughter Arianna with a cup of hot cocoa, still in PJs and standing in the sunny kitchen.
I'm posting the first two photos from this weeks challenge now, because I wanted to get the word out so that others could join us right away, if they wanted. Next week, I will wait to post my photos until the end of the theme week. I plan to post here once weekly with all the photos I took, hoping that the accountability that blogging it all provides will keep me going til the end. ;) Personally, I'm going to try doing one photo a day but I refuse to let my inner perfectionist get the best of me this time. If I only get a shot or two in a week, I'm calling it a success.

Shot of the bright sun providing warmth on a windy winter day.
I hope you enjoy my posts over the next year. I know it's not always going to be about food, but over time, I'd like this blog to encompass more elements of my personality because I am about so much more than just food and cooking.


  1. I LOVE your photos for the challenge so far, I am so glad you are participating!!! The accountability factor is part of the reason I am trying to make my challenge so public. The last time I tried something similar I didn't have a plan and I ended up fizzling out about eight months into the challenge. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I am having such fun with this challenge! It tough at times figuring out what to shoot at the end of the week but it's a good challenge... I like that it's not so easy... I feel like it makes me grow a bit :)


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