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Cast Iron Skillet Roasted Radishes

Maybe I am a little behind the times, but this is my new favorite recipe. Low carb, delicious and hardly any calories at all! What's not to like? And did I mention simple? These were fast and so easy to prepare... yet impressive because it's a little unusual and unexpected. Those kinds of dishes rock my world! I'm a single mom with 3 kids, so anything that is quick to the table, tasty, good for you and gets requests for second helpings is a winner in my book.

Cast Iron Skillet Roasted Radishes
2 pounds fresh red radishes1 Tablespoon olive oil1 teaspoon dried thyme1 teaspoon cracked black peppersprinkle of sea saltMethod:
1: Preheat oven to 425F.
2: Wash radishes well and trim ends and blemishes. Cut larger radishes half.
3: Toss radishes with olive oil, thyme and pepper in a cast iron skillet (a foil covered baking sheet would work too.)
4: Roast for 20-30 minutes until tender and slightly browned.
5: Sprinkle with a touch of sea salt just before serving.
6: E…